Time for another Before They Were Big here at Remote Patrolled – and this time around we’re taking a look at Hugh Jackman in one of his earliest TV roles…

Jackman is of course currently starring in the boxing robots movie Real Steel (a film I just can’t take seriously) but back in 1995 he landed his first major TV role, in the Australian drama Corelli.

Correlli was a prison drama that ran for 10 episodes on ABC in Australia. Jackman played the role of Kevin Jones, a convicted armed robber  whose injuries have caused brain damage – or have they?

Acting opposite Hugh is his future wife Deborah-Lee Furness, who plays the prison psychologist. As Jackman himself says, “meeting my wife was the greatest thing to come out of it.”

Check out the clips below to see Hugh in action – he and the show are actually rather good. Plus Jackman gets naked in the first two minutes! (more…)