It airs on Sunday nights at 9pm. Features a female ensemble cast and a season long mystery. Characters include a goofball with a heart of gold, a world-weary mother figure and a vampy, bitchy gold-digger. And the tone veers from physical comedy to dark tragedy, often with a kinky edge. Yep, Devious Maids features more than its fair share of Desperate Housewives DNA.

And just like its ABC predecessor Devious Maids is now on its way to becoming a hit. After debuting with a middling 2 million viewers a month ago Maids has gained viewers almost every week and is developing into a sizeable, buzzy hit for Lifetime. Expect a second season renewal any moment now!

Now here’s the most important question… is Devious Maids actually good?

Speaking as a viewer who loved Desperate Housewives for most of its run – I checked out in the final season when the show was clearly creatively exhausted – I’m finding myself sort of enjoying Devious Maids. But I don’t love it… yet.