Okay – tissues at the ready!

Here’s the most beautiful, awesome and most powerful commercial I’ve come across this year – hailing from Australia and in support of marriage equality.

The video’s called ‘It’s Time’ and is already a viral sensation with over 3 million views on You Tube in the last week alone. It’s one of the most potent videos I’ve seen so far in support of equal marriage rights – and far better than the bland and gutless US equivalents which have so far failed to really take off.

I don’t normally touch on political / social issues here on the site, but as a gay man myself in a long term relationship I feel very passionately about the cause of marriage equality. In fact not being able to marry has caused myself and my partner a lot of problems – both personal and financial. I honestly don’t understand how people who constantly call for smaller government seem so determined to have that same government legislate people’s private lives! Still it’s a battle we WILL win in the end – marriage equality is inevitable.

The handsome star of the video is a New Zealand actor / director / writer called Julian Shaw More >