I’m a big Joan Rivers fan, mainly for her ability to tell it like it is. And last week Rivers engaged in yet another piece of typical truth telling…

As you may have read Joan poked fun at ousted Today anchor Ann Curry – which generated a typically heated response online. But the part of Joan’s act that most interested me was when she complained that the Today show had rested on its laurels for too long… and that’s why their ratings had recently taken a downward spin. We all know the story. Today was the number one morning show for over 17 years… and now they’re number 2. And don’t forget this is a show that brings in hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue for NBC. It’s a money making machine!

You may or may not like Rivers and her routines – but she speaks the truth – and there’s a valuable lesson for a lot of TV producers out there. I moved to the US almost 8 years ago and was a faithful Today watcher for all those years. But a couple of weeks ago I switched over to Good Morning America myself. And I don’t plan on going back.


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