Sorry US Downton Abbey fans – the rumors are true!

As you’ve probably read by now, leading man Matthew Crawley is indeed leaving the hit UK period drama in the season 3 finale, which aired over the Christmas period in England (spoiler alert – Matt’s fate is revealed below, along with another key season 3 plotline!)

Crawley was played by Brit actor Dan Stevens, who admits in a newspaper interview that turning his back on the smash hit series was a tough decision. But I do have to wonder – why do actors leave hot shows prematurely?

In Stevens’ case the decision is permanent. The Downton Abbey season 3 finale sees Crawley killed in a car accident, shortly after the birth of his first son – and future Downton heir. There’s really no room for Crawley to come back – unless he has a last minute change of heart prior to the start of Season 4 filming. And story wise, it does feel a tad off given that the Downton clan is still reeling from the Season 3 death of Lady Sybil. It means Season 4 will feature grieving widow Lady Mary AND still grieving widower Branson!

But storylines aside I am curious as to More >