So how is your Fall TV Season going so far?

Well given that I’m crazy busy on shoots at the moment I have to admit I’m finding it mighty tough keeping up with the non-stop onslaught of new shows!

I gave up on The Michael J. Fox show (all that hype for another glorified family sitcom). Agents of  S.H.I.E.L.D. was okay but didn’t intrigue me enough to stick around long term. The Crazy Ones had way too much Robin Williams’s desperate riffing… but hopefully will settle down. And I actually really liked The Goldbergs.

But I never bothered with Lucky 7 after it died a death in its premiere. And Hostages will be next to go from my DVR since it too is destined for the scrap heap! And who knows when I’ll get around to watching Trophy Mom or even just Mom! Or the new batch of shows launching this week. Especially with old favorites like Revenge, Scandal and Nashville back on our screens… and The Walking Dead and American Horror Story returning soon.