Summer is now in full swing which means the pressure is on the broadcast networks to once again avoid a cable takeover!

Up against the TNT and USA procedurals and summer staples like True Blood, the Big Four have generally throw in the towel each year with endless repeats, reality regulars (Bachelor Pad, Big Brother and America’s Got Talent) and a few half hearted scripted efforts.

This year however, the nets do seem to be trying a bit harder. The most notable stab at a big summer scripted series is CBS’s Stephen King adaptation, Under The Dome, which could be a big hit – or fare along the lines of the net’s last attempt at horror, the criminally under-watched Harper’s Island.

Meanwhile over at NBC we have Siberia.

The premise of the show is simple. 16 budding reality contestants take part in a new TV series… but when things start to turn deadly serious is it all part of the show, or something darker?