Imagine you’re the head of ABC. Last year you greenlit a celebrity diving show, thinking the project could be a follow up to your long running Dancing With The Stars franchise. You decide to commission a whole series of said show and then you learn that one of your competitors – Fox – has gone ahead and greenlit exactly the same concept, calling their show Stars In Danger.

Fox beats you to the punch and premieres their show – just a one off special – in January 2013. The 2-hour ‘event’ crashes badly in the ratings, pulling in just 3.3 million viewers and a measly 1.3 18-49 share. What do you do?

Well it seems that ABC are forging ahead with Splash regardless, which has to make you wonder – does the show stand ANY chance of ratings success.

Personally I think not. Look if ABC had somehow managed to book Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to go high diving viewers might tune in. But they didn’t. Instead they’ve got Keisha Knight Pullum aka Rudy from The Cosby Show. Kendra Wilkinson. And Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Oh and by the way these are the GOOD names!