We all know how movie trailers like to tease us with new releases that are a LONG way from hitting our screens. Well now it seems that the TV biz is following suit.

Just check out the trailer for Black Sails, the new pirate themed series coming to Starz in 2014! Yep, you read that right.

Black Sails is essentially Pirates of the Caribbean for the Spartacus crowd – and features plenty of violence and token lesbian sequences to keep the Starz audience happy (can you imagine if the trailer featured two guys getting it on like this!)

The show’s set 20 years prior to the classic Treasure Island and follows the early adventures of Captain Flint and a young John Silver. It’s produced by Michael Bay – so don’t expect subtlety! And playing Flint is Bond movie baddie Toby Stephens aka Maggie’s son!

I’ll be honest and say this isn’t my kind of show. I’ve never watched Spartacus and I’m not a huge fan of Starz brand of sex and violence. I’d rather watch a more complex fantasy themed series like Game of Thrones, which while undeniably gory and sexual feels less geared towards 16-year-old boys!


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