The 2013 Fall TV season is now in full swing and already this year’s batch of new comedies are struggling. Once again not a single new show is setting the ratings alight and Tuesday nights on Fox and Thursdays on NBC have become an absolute death zone.

Sadly ABC’s The Goldbergs isn’t doing a huge heap better – but it’s the first TV show of the Fall season that I can give an unqualified thumbs up to! 

I’ll admit, a few weeks ago, The Goldbergs was certainly not on my radar. The show looked like a Wonder Years knock off with an 80’s setting and I was expecting a non-stop barrage of pop culture gags revolving around Rubik cubes, leg warmers and shoulder pads.

But thankfully The Goldbergs is actually much more than that a one note premise. For starters it’s funny. Really funny actually. Sure the show is nothing new – it’s your standard family sitcom, but the writing is super sharp and the cast definitely know how to sell a joke.