Talk about nine lives!

Here’s the preview for The Killing, the jet black drama series that returns to AMC on Sunday June 2nd for it’s third season.

Hmm, but wasn’t The Killing cancelled by the network last July? Well yes it was, but thanks to the increased clout of Netflix, a co-production deal was struck, and The Killing is back!

The murder mystery drama has certainly been through quite a journey these last couple of years. Launched with big hoopla in the summer of 2011, The Killing was a reasonable hit for the upscale network – though more on the scale of Mad Men than The Walking Dead of course. The show followed mismatched detectives Linden and Holder as they investigated the grisly murder or Rosie Larsen in a constantly rain soaked Seattle. The Killing was atmospheric, gritty, full of twists and turns and often it has to be said, very slow.

I liked season 1 – and so did many of the critics – but then came THAT finale, and the show’s fatal mistake. They didn’t resolve the murder. And the viewer backlash was immense as audiences realized they’d have to sit through another 12 episodes to find out who actually killed Rosie!

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