Okay everyone – how are you all finding season 2 of The Walking Dead?

We’re only 3 episodes into the new season and already the AMC zombie series has given us some great, memorable moments. I loved the ‘herd’ scene in Episode 1, the shock ending in the same episode – and of course Episode 3’s OMG revelation of what happened on Shane’s trip to the zombie infested school (more on that scene in a moment!)

But I’m afraid I do have one pretty big criticism of the season so far – and I have a feeling quite a few of you out there are feeling the same way. Is it just me or has Season 2 been really TALKY so far?

Now I don’t mind slow paced shows. You’ve all heard me raving about Mad Men here on the site and that isn’t exactly a zippy show. And Homeland, which I’m also following at the moment, is also a pretty slow series. But for me, The Walking Dead has crossed over and actually become a tad – dare I say it – boring at times!