Hmm, did the makers of America’s Next Top Model start reading Remote Patrolled recently?

Ha ha – of course not – but if they’d taken a read of my last Top Model posting way back in 2010 they’d have seen me calling for a Boys vs Girls season as a way to freshen up the franchise. And guess what – now they’ve just done just that. And Top Model is hot again.

Sure the show’s best ratings days are probably still behind it, but the premiere of Top Model 2.0 recently pulled in a very decent 1.55 million viewers and a 0.6 18-49 share, the show’s highest rating premiere and the CW’s biggest Friday in 2 years. Fierce.

Okay so the Guys vs Girls idea is long overdue and isn’t exactly rocker science but kudos to Top Model for finally shaking things up. The veteran Tyra Banks show, now in its 20th cycle, suddenly feels fresh again. Adding some testosterone to the mix has worked wonders.