Seriously, have you seen the ratings for The CW this year?

If you think NBC is in trouble – and believe me they’re in deep doo dah at the moment – their problems pale in comparison to The CW…

The 2011-12 season has been an absolute disaster zone for the network. There’s the freshmen series that have been anything but fresh in the ratings. H8R was cancelled after just four episodes. Hart Of Dixie is stuck around the 1.5 million viewers mark – and generates virtually zero buzz or publicity. The Secret Circle pales in comparison to the The Vampire Diaries. Great big hope Ringer has been losing viewers at a truly horrible rate since its ridiculous holiday hiatus (after premiering with 2.84 million viewers, Ringer recently fell to just 1.10 million a couple of weeks ago). And let’s not even get into the ill -conceived Remodeled which never even got off the starting block!