It’s the number one TV show of the summer. The first bona fide scripted hit on a broadcast network in over two decades. And potentially a TV game changer for years to come.

This year CBS’s Under The Dome has succeeded where countless other shows have failed. Launched in a blitz of publicity in late June the Stephen King series pulled in a mighty 13.53 million viewers to rank as the number one TV show of the week and CBS’s biggest summer launch since Big Brother way back in 2000!

And the great ratings have continued for CBS. Week 2 attracted 11.81 million viewers and week 3 a still strong 10.71 million. As long as Under The Dome stays above the 10 million mark – heck, it could slip down to 8 million – the show is pretty much guaranteed a second season next summer.

I’m always a fan of original drama series and Under The Dome is certainly not your usual cookie cutter CBS show. So where’s the rub? Well here’s the thing. In my opinion Under The Dome just isn’t very good.