Time for another Richard Recommends here on the site and this time around it’s back to HBO for their latest Sunday night comedy.

Nope it’s not the heavily hyped Girls, which I sampled and personally found quite grim and grubby. Instead I’ve found myself thoroughly enjoying Veep, the new Julia Louis Dreyfus show that tonally feels like a combination of The Office and The West Wing and has got off to a cracking start! BUT I have one reservation – more on that in a moment… First the good stuff! Just a few episodes into its run and Veep is already whip-smart, laugh out loud funny and chock full of quotable one liners. I love the way each of the shows has built across the course of each episode, with misunderstanding piled upon misunderstanding and a mix of both high and lowbrow jokes. Who would have thought filibuster reform and clean energy bills could possibly be so funny?