Sorry Glee – we’re breaking up!

Yep, after 2 full seasons, The Glee Project and a whole load of downloads I’ve finally decided that Glee has gone from must see TV to totally un-essential viewing.

As regular Remote Patrolled viewers will know I’ve been up and down on the quality of Glee for quite some time. Season 2 was erratic at best, but also featured some terrific moments in amongst all the gratuitous guest stars, Sue Sylvester silliness and inconsistent storytelling. But now, just 2 episodes into Season 3 I’ve realized the magic has gone…

Last night’s episode ‘I Am Unicorn’ was the tipping point. It wasn’t that the episode as a whole was terrible. But it was boring. Really, really boring. And for a series to be in such bad shape a couple of episodes in is not exactly an encouraging sign.