When it comes to TV formats the ‘business makeover’ concept is far from a new idea. There’s Tabatha Takes Over, Kitchen Nightmares, Remodeled and many more.

But recently one show has emerged as the king of this mini genre. Its name – Bar Rescue, currently airing its third season on Spike (and in virtual non stop reruns at weekends)

The idea is simple. Each week, bar industry expert Jon Taffer arrives at a different struggling bar somewhere in America and endeavors to turn the business around through a team of experts, staff re-education, an ambitious makeover and lots of tough talk (and frequent shouting). The result is one of the most addictive reality shows currently on our screens!

Okay, on paper it all sounds very like Kitchen Nightmares, the horrible Gordon Ramsay shoutfest that airs on Friday nights on Fox. But Bar Rescue is different – mainly because it feels less contrived and a lot more real. The problem with Kitchen Nightmares (the US not the UK version) is that the whole point of the show is essentially to see Ramsay lose his temper and belittle people. But Bar Rescue feels different. Taffer shouts and screams but you feel he genuinely wants to help. More >